Booking a Funeral Singer for a Civil Funeral

A Civil Funeral is a bespoke ceremony that takes its inspiration from all aspects of a loved one's life and work, using readings, poems, singing and music of any style. Every effort is made to try to capture the very essence of the deceased and their lasting spirit. The tribute is a celebration of the person's life, recounting their experiences, attributes and qualities. A Civil Funeral Ceremony is predominately non-religious in content, although favourite hymns and Bible readings and quiet time for prayer can be included if desired.

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A Guide to adding Music and Singing to a Funeral Service

This can either be a song or music to gather attention or to accompany the funeral procession as it enters the crematorium, special place or hotel.

Agree with your funeral celebrant at what part in the service it would be good to add a song or psalm, perhaps for reflection.

Leading the family and guests in hymns or singing a hymn or two as a solo.

A well-chosen song or music at this delicate part of the service might add an extra dimension and help the process of saying good-bye. At this part of the funeral service is where a funeral singer often is asked to sing

When the family and guests leave, a more uplifting song or music is often chosen to accompany them.


I can sing at various points during the Funeral; as requested.

At Funeral Singer UK we can offer a wide choice of Songs and Hymns that both help to Celebrate a Life in Song & to say Good-bye.
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Civil Funeral services at crematoria are usually only 20 minutes in duration, with ten minutes taken with the entrance and exit processions. If you wish a more personalised service with music, personal tributes and readings, or you have a large number of guests attending, you should book an extended service of approximately 50 minutes. Even then it is rarely possible to include all of the singing/music listed above, plus readings, etc.

A Civil Funeral can be held almost anywhere, except in churches and religious buildings, and will be appropriate for both cremation and burial at any non-religious burial ground or woodland burial site. Such funerals are usually held at a crematorium or a designated burial ground, but can take place at your home, a hotel or a special location. A piece of music or singing carried on the breeze at the start of the ceremony helps to set the mood of the occasion.

A Service Funeral held outdoors and Woodland Burial Ceremonies etc. present different challenges to those who request a song that needs keyboard accompaniment. It would involve practical considerations such as the availability of a power source for an accompanist or for my accompaniment recordings. There could also be a question of audibility if the site is exposed or windy. Do ring me to discuss this, see number above. I have experience with singing at all types of funerals.

A Civil Funeral is a secular funeral ceremony - that is, it is conducted by someone who is not a member of the clergy. The people leading a Civil Funeral ceremony are called ‘Celebrants’ because a Civil Funeral ceremony is a celebration of the life of the deceased. The tribute can be delivered by the funeral celebrant or any of the family/friends.

A secular funeral in the past usually meant a non-religious funeral. That is one without reference to any deity and with all religious symbols removed from sight or hidden behind covers. But times have changed and it is now possible to have a secular funeral that has a spiritual element to it if that is what the family wants. That is the critical difference between a Civil Funeral ceremony and a Humanist funeral. A Humanist funeral will not normally contain any religious elements at all.
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