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A Humanist Funeral remembers the life of the person who has died, and reflects on their contribution to the world and to others. It also provides an opportunity for family and friends to share their sadness and create a bond of support for those who were closest to the dead person. A Humanist Funeral will not normally contain any religious element at all.
Whereas a Civil Funeral can include hymns, Bible readings and quiet time for prayer, though it is also mainly a non-religious ceremony.

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Singing and Music Non-religious

Non-religious Reflection on Death

Readings of Poetry and Prose

Reminiscences about the Dead Person

A Eulogy

A Talk Focussing on the Achievements of the Deceased, & the Meaning of their Life

Ritual Actions : These might Include; Candle Lighting, Sharing Reminiscences with the People next to you, Moments of Silence and Reflection.

Formal Words of Goodbye


I can sing at various points during the Funeral; as requested.

At Funeral Singer UK we can offer a wide choice of Songs and Hymns that both help to Celebrate a Life in Song & to say Good-bye.
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A Civil Funeral can be held almost anywhere, except in churches and religious buildings, and will be appropriate for both cremation and burial at any non-religious burial ground or woodland burial site. Such funerals are usually held at a crematorium or a designated burial ground, but can take place at your home, a hotel or a special location. A piece of music or singing carried on the breeze at the start of the ceremony helps to set the mood of the occasion. A Service Funeral held outdoors and Woodland Burial Ceremonies etc. present different challenges to those who request a song that needs keyboard accompaniment. It would involve practical considerations such as the availability of a power source for an accompanist or for my accompaniment recordings. There could also be a question of audibility if the site is exposed or windy. Do ring me to discuss this, see number above. I have experience with singing at all types of funerals.

It's likely that some of those attending a Humanist Funeral will have religious beliefs, and Humanist Funeral Ceremonies usually contain a period of silence and meditation that can be used for private prayer. Humanist Funerals are increasingly common today. They are often thought more appropriate for those who neither lived according to religious principles, nor accepted religious views of life or death. A Humanist Funeral or Memorial Ceremony recognizes no ‘after-life’ but instead uniquely and affectionately celebrates the life of the person who has died. Proper tribute is paid to them, to the life they lived, the connections they made and have left behind.

Nothing in a Humanist Funeral or Memorial Ceremony should be offensive to those who are religious. It will focus sincerely and affectionately on the person who has died. Humanist Funerals, or Memorials, allow friends, relatives and acquaintances to express their feelings and to share their memories. They have warmth and sincerity. Many bereaved people find them helpful and are pleased to have provided a ceremony their loved ones would have wanted.
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